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The Most Beautiful Man ever to walk this Earth....

Mawlaya salli wa Sallim da'iman abada 'ala habib bika khayril khalqi kullihimi

1/11/05 01:57 am - muslimwannabe

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
waSalatu waSalam 'ala Rasool Allah

aSalamu 'alaikoom!

insha Allah i hope everyone is fine ... No one seems to be posting. I guess some people must've already started up school. I have less than 2 weeks left til school starts. I think maybe rushing into this thing wasn't really very beneficial. And plus its' kind of looking like that seerah halaqa @ school won't be starting up .... =/ Insha Allah i'm about a third done w/ the book and it's really beautiful reading about the life of the Beloved of God, sal Allahu 'alahi waSalam, so insha Allah i'll finish up the book. Insha Allah I'll just post up some reflections on some of the stuff i've come across.

One of the things i want to talk about, which wasn't really mentioned by Lings is about Sumayah, may Allah be pleased w/ her. He actually did mention her and her dying under the (page 79) but he didn't mention that she was the first martyr of islam. This brings up the point i want to make bout the status of women in islam .... Ther are certain ranks within this deen which are highly respected by everyone. One of the highest is that of a martyr (shaheed). So think about this, the first martyr of islam was a woman. Subhan Allah! There have been so many battles and Jihad for the sake of Allah, 'azza wa jal, during the time of Rasool Allah, sal Allahu 'alayhi waSalam, and it was thru many of these that so many men attained Paradise. However they were all preceded by a woman, someone who isn't allowed on the battlefield. Masha Allah. When i was younger i had imagined going off to one of these muslim countires currently engaged in war and just join in and become a martyr, but growing up i realized that Allah, 'azza wa jal, doesn't just give this station of being a martyr to any shmoe. THis is the deen of Allah. It isn't up to anyone to decide teh rankings of one or another, its only in the hands on God and truly He is Most Wise, the All Knower, All Powerful and the Most Merciful.

Also you ever realize how happy we get when we hear that someone converts to islam? How much our Iman increase when we see the new convert and go up to him and smile and hug him and how much respect we have for them since they actually CHOSE to accept islam where most of us were just born into it? Well think about this, the first person to convert to islam *ever* was also a woman!! It was no other than our mother, Khadijah, radiAllahu 'anha. Even before Abu Bakr as Siddiq or Sayiddna 'Ali, may Allah be pleased with them both. Subhan Allah! This isn't your deen, this isn't my deen. This isn't the deen of any mysogonist or whatever else! This is the religion of God.

Another thing to think about is how much the Prophet, sal Allahu 'alahi waSalam, tolerated all the crap from his people. Think about that, seriously. Most of us probably cannot since we dont know most of the people in our neighborhood .... actually for those of us dorming. Imagine everyone on your campus just simply hating you (actually that may not be that far from reality), but just imagine that. Imagine being ridiculed for everything you do. Imagine going from one of the most respected and the most trusted person to being the brunt of every ignorant statement and every action. Imagine tolerating it!! Subhan ALlah!! Imagine going to another town asking for protection but being rejected and then being driven out by having children throwing stones at you and then the opportunity to have them destroyed comes before you ...... what would you do??? The Prophet, sal Allahu 'alayhi waSalam, was a man, however he wasn't just any man. he is a diamond among stones. His heart was as grand and as noble as this universe. I just hope i can retain some of his characteristics ... but it seems that i just fail because of my own lower self. It's so easy to imagine these things, but so hard to carry them out. it's so easy to imagine waking up for fajr and then staying up afterwards but so hard to go to sleep in time to wake up for fajr. it's so easy to go around starting up a halaqa but so hard to carry out what you want to see in yourself ..... Subhan Allah. I just pray that Allah, 'azza wa jal, makes us closer to Him and His Messenger, sal ALlahu 'alayhi waSalam, and showers us with His Mercy cuz thas all we need .....

1/3/05 10:51 pm - muslimwannabe - Starbucks n Martin Lings

aSalamu 'alaikoom to all

Insha Allah all of you are doing well! Hmm no one seems to be posting ... I guess everyone is still waiting for their books to get in or something. Well I was in the city for quite some time today and I had to wait about an hour for the train back home and so i decided to grab a caramel frap and a seat at the starbucks in penn station and read some Seerah =) Pretty nice experience to be reading and getting immersed into 7th Century Mecca while you're in probably the busiest place in the city ....

Currently I'm on page 96, the chapter entitled 'The year of Sadness.' I really like Lings' approach to the seerah and his narrative is indeed very unique and appealing. He goes chronologically and relates the major events of the Seerah, but he also takes a moment out and writes a chapter about a theme that the reader must know in order to fully comprehend everything going on, for instance he did an entire chapter entitled 'Family Divisions' in which he specifically states who had accepted islam and who hadn't from the extended family of Rasool Allah, 'sal Allahu 'alayhi waSalam, and our mother Khadijah, radi'an Allahu 'anha. In this chapter he states the specific relation of a person (no matter how distant it may be) and briefly discusses their acceptance or non-acceptance of the message and how it impacted their nuclear family. Lings does an excellent job, masha Allah.

Hmm since i think ppl are still waiting on their books or they just got it, let's keep this week's assignment relatively short. So by this sunday let's try to be at page 123 - chapter 28 "The entry into Medina" ... 5 days ... insha Allah it can be done. If anyone feels that it's too much please comment or so or post!!

waSalamu 'alaikoom

12/28/04 11:27 pm - muslimwannabe - Other Resources on the Seerah

aSalamu 'alaikoom wa Rahmat Allah!

So the main text or resource used in this community is the Martin Lings text, however as you all know there are tons of more stuff out there and it is highly encouraged that other texts be read and discussed alongside the reading of the Lings' text. The aim of this post/thread is to inform one another about other resorces on the Seerah ....

Other Resources on the SeerahCollapse )

12/28/04 02:30 pm - silenceisbtrayl - The Sirah and its Sources

As salaamu alaikum everyone =)

I took a course two semesters ago called Literature of the East and as my term paper, I chose to write aobut the seerah and its sources. I actually wrote this paper before that for a course on the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. but revised it for the literature course. Anyway, while researching for it, I learned a great deal about how it is throught the use of Sirah and other Islamic literature [hadiths] that give us a better understanding of what is in the Qur'aan. So for anyone who would like to read more about the purpose of sirah and its sources in light of understanding the Qur'aan, you can view the essay here: Understanding the Historical Context of the Quran through Hadith and Sira Literature. It's to the point and not so long. I've also included the list of all the references I used to write the paper, so feel free to go through those sources if you like. I think the screen is a bit too wide or something, i don kno- i'm not an expert with html =\, but i hope that everyone will be able to view it just fine, inshaAllah. Like I said, I learned a lot while doing this research paper so I would really recommend that if you have the time, to check it out, inshaAllah. Salaam =)

12/28/04 01:33 pm - silenceisbtrayl - so i was wondering,

since i am currently reading Yahya Emerick's seerah of the prophet s.a.w. [Muhammad] and have lent my copy of Lings' to someone else which i know i'm not getting back anytime soon, would it be okay if i discussed similar points from Emerick's book? I think it would be interesting b/c since the layout of biographies is similar [chronological order], one book may include something about the same event that isn't mentioned in the other and vice versa . Also, each author has his/her own unique perspective of things, so that would give all the more insight. If this is just going to add confusion or defeat the purpose of this community, then of course i'll just remove this post. But i just read the updated userinfo and it mentions something about mention of other literature, so i just wanted to make sure here. salaam =)

12/28/04 12:42 am - muslimwannabe - Subhan Allah

aSalamu 'alaikoom wa Rahmat Allah!

Alright so today i was early to work and i brought along the book w/ me and decided to start reading ....

Subhan Allah! This book is really well written, masha Allah. I've read another seerah book before and I also read half of this book before and so i kinda know the big events of the life of the Prophet, sal Allahu 'alayhi waSalam, so while i'm reading this book, i already know whats goin to happen, but I can't help but be in suspense and just fully enjoy the read because of how much of an excellent author Martin Lings is, masha Allah!

The pre-birth history was pretty much what i read so far and i think Martin Lings did a great job stating the history in such a concise manner. My favorite quote thus far was made by 'Abdul Muttalib, the grandfather of the Prophet, sal Allahu 'alayhi waSalam when he meets w/ Abrahah to reclaim his camels when Abrahah took them along the way to destroy the Ka'bah with his army. Abrahah is disapointed that 'Abdul Muttalib came only for his camels and not to dissuade him from attacking the Ka'bah at which 'Abdul Muttalib says "I am the lord of the camels, and the temple likewise hath a lord who will defend it" (page 20)

Subhan Allah how much barakah something like this has. Before i clocked in to work, i prayed 'asr and put the book off somewhere. Later on i realize that i misplaced my book and went to look for it, this one dude then told me he put it somewhere and then he sees that I may know a thing or two about the Prophet, sal Allahu 'alayhi waSalam and subhan Allah he starts asking so many questions about the Prophet, sal Allahu 'alayhi waSalam. He asks is he the guy who went from this city to the other? I quickly told him yeah he went from Mecca to Medina, sal Allahu 'alayhi waSalam, he was a bit confused and asked if it was the other way around, from Medina to Mecca and i said well he went from Mecca to Medina and then went back to Mecca and conquered it peacefully, sal Allahu 'alayhi waSalam. This interested him also. As the night went on i started explaining a lil bit more getting into small points, but then he would ask other questions, stuff like politics, 9/11 and muslim women and asked for my opinion on these things. pretty tough spot to be in, but it also made me think about how much americans are so exposed and subhan Allah how they are so interested in islam and stuff. It must also be really perlexing for them to learn about islam and then see how it's so different in our world presently. I hope Allah, 'azza wa jal, gives me the knowledge to answer these question truthfully.

aight thats about it from me ... any comments bout what i just wrote? Anyone else start reading yet? Any questions taht ppl have? Anything that ppl wanna add about pre-birth that wasn't covered in the first 22 pages? (i'm sure there is a lot).

Fi Eman Allah!

12/28/04 12:26 am - muslimwannabe

aSalamu 'alaikoom!

Okay, so lets get started insha Allah since most ppl have their books or insha Allah their books will be arriving soon. Let's read about 50 pages by the end of this week ... to be more specific you should be on page 52 (finished reading Warn thy Family, Chapter 17) by Sunday =)

Also there might be some confusion as to the purpose or scope of this community and so i hope to clear it up ....

basically the intention of this community is that we become better muslims (also making us better human beings, insha Allah) through learning about our Prophet, Sal Allahu 'alayhi waSalam. As we all know the Sunnah serves as the basis of our religion. Our mother A'isha, radia Allahu 'anha, said that the Prophet's character, sal Allahu 'alayhi waSalam, was the Qur'an walking. And so it becomes clear that in order to be in full compliance with the orders given to us by God, we must learn about the Prophet, sal Allahu 'alayhi waSalam and must strive to act and emulate him, sal Allahu 'alayhi waSalam. How does reading the Seerah do this? Well there are many answers to this, short and long. I am hoping that perhaps anyone and everyone provide an answer to this, but one thing that i just want to state now is that knowing about someone makes you love them and loving them makes you want to learn more about them.

And so the aim of this community is to realize the stature and character and high rank that the Prophet of islam has, sal Allahu 'alayhi waSalam. Now it could've just been left at that, but usually when something that abstract is made, it's left abstract and doesn't get much attention. And so this is where this specific book comes from. Because all of us would be reading this book we can all contribute and add to this discussion. Because we are all learning from the same text we can help to clarify something that someone else may not have understood.

and so with this i start ... Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

12/26/04 12:09 am - muslimwannabe - UPDATE

aSalamu 'alaikoom!

alright so this is the deal:
Let's start reading this book, if you dont' have the book, then get it. If you have a really hard time in getting the book, or you really have no way of getting it, please contact me directly via email hnaderi@gmail.com and insha Allah i'll see what i can do to get you a book, let me kno by this wed, 12/29.

waSalamu 'alaikoom wa Rahmat Allah

12/23/04 04:39 am - muslimwannabe - First Entry

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

aSalamu 'alaikoom wa Rahmat Allah!

Insha Allah this is the first entry! Let's wait about a week for the word to spread around and for people to order the books.

If you've just joined the community please reply to this post and write something =)

waSalamu 'alaikoom wa Rahmat Allah
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