saad (saad) wrote in martinlingssira,


Well, i hav read many sirahs but this is really amazing
Its written in more of a novel sort of way
rather, story form
I apologize that i started it late, but its worth starting
i m at v begining, 9th chapter
where r u ppl?
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what is the ch.9 on~
i m in office at this time
but i think i reached near wen Prophet Muhammad pbuh gets married to Khadija RA, a bit ahead of that.
hey nice to see a new post ....

im in the middle of the book when the Prophet, sal Allahu 'alayhi waSalam, gets to Medina, haven't read a page for a month .... insha Allah will pick it up now
i just got the book last week. am reading sealed nectar right now, so inshaAllah after i finish that one will start martin ling's :)
thats good ;) :) u wud like that inshalla :)