muslimwannabe (muslimwannabe) wrote in martinlingssira,

Mawlid Sharif

aSalamu 'alaikoom wa RahmatuLLah.

It's kind of sad to see that this community isn't all too 'active' but i guess everyone is really busy right now with school and what not, i know i kind of am. well anyway the Mawlid has just passed; a day that will forever be with Blessing and Mercy from the Almighty, for it was the day that God had sent A Mercy upon all mankind in the form of a man, he was a man, but not like any other man who had lived before or will ever live. A man who was chosen as a vessel of the Divine, a final revelation and guidance for this desolate earth which is laden with deception and misguidance for its inhabitants. A man who will intercede for his people, an unlettered man who brought upon a book that created civilizations upon civilizations of books. A man who billions have never even seen but know of his existence, who know of the blessings he brought, who know of the serenity his example brings and of his eternal wisdom. A man whose light was enough to bring our dark encrusted hearts from the depths of darkness.

May Peace and Blessings be upon our Master Mohammad, forever and ever.
O God, shower Your Eternal Barakah upon Your Beloved Mohammad.
Help us to draw closer to You and to him and to never stray from his teachings for which You inspired.
Help us to love You and him more than anything else, take away from us all that takes us away from You.

Ameen. Allahu akbar
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