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Rihla to the City of the Messenger of Allah, 'azza wa jal

aSalamu 'alaikoom to all

I'm not sure how many of you have heard about this program called 'deen intensives'. Basically they are programs that last anywhere from a weekend to a month where traditional islamic scholars give out some sort of specific lesson(s) and they are also available to you throughout the weekend/week/month. One of the longer ones is the annual Rihla. Usually this deen intensive takes place in Dar al Islam, a place enclosed off in New Mexico. Beautiful scholars such as Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Shaykh Habib al Jifri, and even Shaykh Mohammad al Yaqoubi teach at these deen intensives.

This year there was a special Rihla, this one is takin place in no other than the city of our Prophet, sal Allahu 'alayhi waSalam: Madina the Luminous. Hundreds have applied and i believe only about 150 were accepted. However alhamdulillah one (or some?) attendees have started up a blog, here is the site:

check it out insha Allah

Also if you want more information on Deen Intensives, check out

waSalamu 'alaikoom
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Assalamu alaikum.

Any sisters intersted in joining from this community, please do!

_______SALAAMSISTERS GROUP__________

This group is based on the Traditional Sunni teachings of Islam, and is open to non Muslims who are interested in Islam. For information on Tradition Islam, please visit and We are a relaxed group but some rules do apply. We hope you will enjoy our company.

Current Program:
-- Daily Quran Reading
-- Daily Hadith Reading

-- Reminders to do the Sunnah Fasts on Monday and Thursday.
-- Weekly Reminder to do dhikr.
-- Weekly link to listen to the Quran on Fridays.

-- A dua from the Sunnah sent out every two weeks.

-- Information on memorizing Quran sent monthly.
-- Monthly Nasheed sent out.
-- Halaqa on Tuesdays.

2 weeks- Children: Bearing and Rearing in Islam.
2 weeks- Ramadan: Lectures about, the Fiqh of, and inspirational information.

Nothing. :) Ramadan!!!


2 weeks- Information on making up fasts, Shawwal fasts, and Sunnah Fasts.
2 weeks- Diet and Medicine in Islam.

Quran reading, Hadith, Memorize and Listen to Quran, Reminders, Articles are all sent via email. If I forget and don't stick the program, smack me. :) And feel free to send in articles you found interesting and personally inspiring.

If you are interested in joining this group, please send an e-mail to The basic aim of the group is to increase our ibadah, and inspire one another to get closer to Allah swt.

Thanks Laila.

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February 15 2006, 10:10:59 UTC 12 years ago

Muslim outrage huh. OK ... let's do a little historical review. Just some lowlights:

Muslims fly commercial airliners into buildings in New York City. No Muslim outrage.

Muslim officials block the exit where school girls are trying to escape a burning building because their faces were exposed. No Muslim outrage.

Muslims cut off the heads of three teenaged girls on their way to school in Indonesia. A Christian school. No Muslim outrage.

Muslims murder teachers trying to teach Muslim children in Iraq. No Muslim outrage.

Muslims murder over 80 tourists with car bombs outside cafes and hotels in Egypt. No Muslim outrage.

A Muslim attacks a missionary children's school in India. Kills six. No Muslim outrage.

Muslims slaughter hundreds of children and teachers in Beslan, Russia. Muslims shoot children in the back. No Muslim outrage.
Let's go way back. Muslims kidnap and kill athletes at the Munich Summer Olympics. No Muslim outrage.

Muslims fire rocket-propelled grenades into schools full of children in Israel. No Muslim outrage.

Muslims murder more than 50 commuters in attacks on London subways and busses. Over 700 are injured. No Muslim outrage.

Muslims murder innocent vacationers in Bali. No Muslim outrage.

Muslim newspapers publish anti-Semitic cartoons. No Muslim outrage

Muslims are involved, on one side or the other, in almost every one of the 125+ shooting wars around the world. No Muslim outrage.

Muslims beat the charred bodies of Western civilians with their shoes, then hang them from a bridge. No Muslim outrage.

Newspapers in Denmark and Norway publish cartoons depicting Mohammed. Muslims are outraged.

Dead children. Dead tourists. Dead teachers. Dead doctors and nurses. Death, destruction and mayhem around the world at the hands of Muslims .. no Muslim outrage ... but publish a cartoon depicting Mohammed with a bomb in his turban and all hell breaks loose.


February 28 2011, 03:04:17 UTC 7 years ago

Answer to your crap

1. watch a documentry called loose change 2nd edition (then tell me who was responsible for 9/11.

2. No such event has ever happened (dam Liar)

3. this was part of a 2 year fighting between christians and muslims, and what you fail to mention was the rape and killings of muslim women too! not to mention the 1000 people who died also!

4. i cant find any such incident, and if there was such a incident i'm sure you will know THERE IS A WAR HAPPENING IN IRAQ RIGHT NOW! where over 750 thousand muslims have been killed!

5. 21 people were killed and over 80 were injured actually NOT 80 !

6. It was Hindu's that did this attack ! check it out !

7. you need to check out what really happened liar (russia)

8. the grenades could of landed anywhere And were NOT like the isreali guided missiles that HIT muslims schools Killing many purposly.

9. Who was realy behind 7/7 i'll let you look that up!

10. bali was retaliation from iraq and because of that attack spain withdrew their troops (success)

11. i can go this shits getting boring i'm not going to start ranting about all the christian lead killings against muslims
the list would be just too long .

check the facts before you agree with anyone's accusations